Ok this one might actually be important. Imagine you've got a computer or phone (just for sake of argument I mean you probably don't). You've had it for absolutely ages, years. Along the way it's had a few problems, but you know a little bit about technology, and you (often with some help from your … Continue reading Patch



It's been a hell of a week. Has it? It shouldn't have been really. I mean, what can I say I even did? "Finding myself" sounds about the right magnitude, but that's not really what I did, kinda. Ish. Yeah I don't really know what my feelings are at the moment. This one's gonna be … Continue reading Euphoria


Mentally, these last few weeks have been really tough for me, and the only person at fault is myself. If only I knew who that was. It rose in a kinda minor way maybe a month ago, then it settled, then after a couple weeks surged quite severely, and I think I'm back on the … Continue reading Nævus


Elon Musk has been quoted as saying that the chance that we are not living in a Matrix-style simulation is "one in billions", which re-engaged that impossible-to-solve debate about whether everything we see around us is real or not. But to me it raised a more interesting question: have the simulators done a good job? One … Continue reading Restricted

Encode Yourself

There are two scientific advances in the 20th century which arguably trumped all others. The first was the progress in computing, perhaps started by Turing in WWII, and launched forward by Intel, IBM, and Apple. Humanity is now capable by proxy of carrying out the most ridiculous calculations that are only solvable by immense recursion … Continue reading Encode Yourself